Effective Ways to Develop E-learning Courses on Management

Effective Ways to Develop E-learning Courses on Management

Effective Ways to Develop E-learning Courses on Management

As instructional designers, we work on various eLearning projects, and the requirements of each project are unique. So, we need to be ready to develop effective eLearning courses that meet the needs of the organizations and benefit to the learners.

I have developed an eLearning course, for a healthcare organization that wanted to train their employees on the different concepts of management. Let me share my experiences.

Introducing with a Scenario

After a careful analysis of inputs, we felt that using scenarios would be an effective way to present the content. The module covered various topics on team building, leadership, business ethics, customer service and many more. So, we introduced the character of a manager, who gave an overview of the topic. This will act as a prelude to the course. This approach was very helpful because the learners were able relate themselves to the character, which “hosted” the course and spoke to them.

Introducing with a scenario

Do You Know?

Another approach, which we followed, was to include questions to grab the learners’ attention. This proved very effective. For example, we included questions like:

  • What do you think is the difference between a manager and a leader?
  • What is the role of an effective manager in the organization?

The learner was asked to guess the correct answer.

Presenting the Content

The inputs provided to us had various theories and principles, which were theoretic and lengthy, and it was a great challenge to present these effectively. We used various interactivities, where the content was chunked into smaller parts and placed in the appropriate interactivity without losing its essence. A sample screen shot is shown below.


Case Study

After completion of every module, we provided a case study that described the challenges a manager is likely to face in a real situation. The case study, presented with appropriate images, reflected the situation. After the case study, we provided the assessments, where the learner has to select an appropriate solution if he was in that situation.

These are the various methods, which we used to develop this course effectively. Please do share, if you have anything to say.

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