Typical Setup Time and Cost to Develop and Deliver eLearning Courses

Typical Setup Time and Cost to Develop and Deliver eLearning Courses

Typical Setup Time and Cost to Develop and Deliver eLearning Courses

If you are new to eLearning and are trying to implement eLearning for the first time, you would want to learn about the costs and time involved in such an effort. After all, it helps in planning, budgeting and taking approvals. It also helps in understanding the eLearning development process and the various stages involved.

So, here is an attempt to take you through the efforts and costs involved in eLearning development and delivery. It is by no means a comprehensive document, but should give you a fair understanding of the game.

We are talking about two aspects of eLearning here.

1. Building eLearning that includes

  • Conducting training needs analysis and learner profile study
  • Assessing training content and taking inputs from SMEs to bridge content gaps
  • Developing instructional strategy and ideal authoring tools based on content and budget
  • Storyboarding
  • Performing production-related activities
  • Conducting reviews and approvals

2. Delivering eLearning that involves

  • Identifying the best delivery methods – LMS, Intranet, portal etc
  • Liaising with the technical team, stakeholders and end users to decide on the most viable methodology for delivery
  • If LMS, decisions regarding open source, proprietary
  • Assessing the extent of customization required – either for open source or proprietary
  • Providing orientation to all users and stakeholders on the LMS usage

Based on our experience in handling different eLearning projects, here are our rough estimates about the costs and time involved in developing and delivering eLearning courses.

To Develop 1 hr. eLearning Course Traditional eLearning Development Rapid eLearning Development
Time Taken 4-8 weeks 2-4 weeks
Cost Involved USD 6500 USD 3500
LMS Set Up
Installation & Set Up 2 weeks
Costs Involved USD 5000

These are typical estimates but there are several reasons that could delay the project or escalate the costs. Actual costs will depend on the content and extent of interactivities and customizations required. It also depends on the speed of response and approval given by key stakeholders and SMEs at various stages of development. However, these figures can serve as a broad guide for planning and estimation purposes. Do share your thoughts and views on the same.

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