Why can’t my organization develop its own custom eLearning courseware?

Why can’t my organization develop its own custom eLearning courseware?

Why can’t my organization develop its own custom eLearning courseware?

Your organization most likely already has successful training classroom programs in place. And now you’ve taken the decision to implement eLearning after having done extensive research on the many benefits it offers. You probably also have a fair understanding of what it takes for your eLearning initiatives to succeed and are now faced with the inevitable decision of whether to build or buy custom courseware.

You probably have begun to put together a team for developing courseware and have plans to invest in buying the required content authoring tools for rapid courseware development. Or perhaps you are considering hiring an experienced team for handling your instructional design requirements, even if it is a longer and more difficult route towards implementation of eLearning. Or you could take a seemingly easy way out and invest in huge libraries of catalogue courses. However, the danger is that after you invest heavily into this bewildering collection of ready-made courses, you find that no one is really interested in going through them (this situation is the equivalent of giving a learner the keys to a 10,000 book library when all he wants is a specific book that addresses his need now!)

If cost and time-to-market of your eLearning courses is not an important consideration, you can build your team and get started with course development after a couple of trials and errors. However, if yours is a typical requirement, your employees all over the globe needed that training yesterday. Is there a way to optimize the time-to-market your eLearning solution, without going nuts trying to do it all yourself or buying truckloads of off-the-shelf courses that no one will use?

Here are 3 reasons why outsourcing your custom courseware requirement could be the best solution.

1. Get into a higher gear from the word go: If you want to jumpstart the rollout of your eLearning initiative, it is a good idea to leverage successful vendor partnerships. This is especially useful if you want to start your eLearning with a big bang, generate the required excitement that will drive learner adoption and begin to create a climate that encourages eLearning. By quickly deploying a solution, you can also help get long term management and leadership buy-in for this solution.

2. Leverage your expertise and let your vendor leverage theirs’: You know your business and your business goals better than anyone else. You have already done the research to align your training initiatives with your business goals, after doing an extensive mapping of competencies required for ideal performance in each functional area. Based on this, you also know exactly what areas of training are required and for whom. Keep ownership of the training needs analysis in your hands and leverage the expertise of a reliable custom courseware development company with a proven track record to help you build courses that will engage and train your employees most effectively. By doing this, you can save a tremendous amount of effort and resources, not to mention your training dollars. The advantage of engaging the services of a learning solutions company is that they have already gone through the learning curve long back and have now reached a level of mastery in their core specialization.

3. Hit several roads running: If you are getting started with eLearning for the first time, you have to take certain decisions around setting up the required IT infrastructure, setting up the required technology AND get started with custom courseware simultaneously. If you also are looking at deploying an LMS, it helps if you engage the services of learning solutions companies that have considerable expertise not only in the custom courseware end of the solution, but in deploying and implementing LMSs as well. You can successfully make use of their expertise in these various pieces of the eLearning solution. This will free you up to concentrate on what you are best at – your business.

If you want to outsource your eLearning requirement, we’d love to hear from you!

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