Ways to Develop Concentration Power

Ways to Develop Concentration Power

Ways to Develop Concentration Power

The human mind is made up of more than just grey matter; it is as complex as a machine to understand. Yet, it is so powerful and amazing for its capability and adaptability. Though it is powerful, sometimes we find it very difficult to remember important things. We face such difficulties due to lack of concentration. It takes a lot of effort to keep our minds sharp. Concentration is the highest level of ability which the brain is capable of. We have to focus the power of mind on to a single thing, only then can our level of concentration increase and we can produce productive and qualitative work.

Let’s see the different ways to boost our concentration power:

  • Try New Things: Break up your daily routine and try to do things differently. Bring in small changes in your daily schedules and vary your timings. Through this, we can facilitate adaptability to the brain and train it to do things beyond our comfort zone.
  • Play Games: Try to solve problems or puzzles that improve thinking and logical abilities. Play games that build cognitive abilities and stimulate the brain. These activities boost thinking and hence concentration also increases gradually.
  • Physical Activities: Exercises and daily physical activities also give some exercise to brain. When our body is moving, our brain is more active. When the brain is active, there is much concentration power and good memory.
  • Healthy Diet: Diet also plays a major role in mental concentration. Our brain needs some essential nutrients on a daily basis that keep it healthy and active. Such foods improve our concentration levels and memory power.
  • Good amount of Sleep: Apart from the above, our brain needs good sleep to refresh and accommodate new things each day. It helps focusing on things each time. If you sleep well, you can stay focused, which in turn, will improve your concentration.
  • Take Laughter as a Daily Dose: Laugh as much as possible as it stimulates every area of the brain in a positive way. It boosts your memory to a large extent. Keeping ourselves happy and doing things with pleasure help improve mental concentration.

We have to realize that our brain is highly adaptable; it can be molded as we like. If we train our brains as required, we can achieve the desired results.

T. Harv Eker quotes “Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.”

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  • On a recent teleseminar with Les Fehmi, PhD, (the neurofeedback pioneer who developed the theory and practice of Open Focus Attention), our participants included a Hedge Fund trader who uses the Open Focus guided brain exercises to give him absolute clarity of attention and focus when he is engaged in his high pressure trading acivity.

    We had a UK comedian who uses the practice to release stress and anxiety when he’s on the road and about to go onstage, so he can perform at his best, in a relaxed yet very focused state.

    You might check out Fehmi’s book “The Open Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention”