5 Questions to Ask to Design a Remarkable E-learning course

5 Questions to Ask to Design a Remarkable E-learning course

Good eLearning is about motivating learners to move forward towards achieving their learning objectives. It is such eLearning courses that keep learners engrossed from the beginning to the end and elevate your online learning program from an average status to one that is extraordinary.

So, what does it take to ensure learners are hooked to your courses from start to finish and make your eLearning courses exceptional?

Here are five questions that can be asked to ensure that your eLearning courses resonate with your audience.

1. Does your course address your learners’ need?

It is important to know and understand your learners and their motivation for taking any course. If your course content does not interest your learners, then how can you keep them involved? Before you start developing the eLearning course, ask how the course would benefit your learners. What problems of the learners will it address? Does it improve their knowledge or skills? Do learners feel that they’re gaining something while learning? You need to ensure that your learners do not think that taking the course is a complete waste of time.

2. Does your course contain up-to-date content?

Outdated content is uninspiring and serves little purpose to learners. Including content that is updated and reliable is a great way to make your courses significant to your audience. Updated content ensures that learners are equipped with most current and relevant information. For example, using references of old product models while teaching about new products would lead to confusion among learners.

3. Is the content easy to understand?

You need to avoid unwanted jargons when they are not required for comprehension of the subject matter. This can annoy learners and make them dislike the course. Similarly, content should be segregated as ‘need to know’ and ‘nice to know’. For the purpose, content should be chunked and presented in a simple, short and clear manner so that it becomes easy for comprehension. Crisp and well-presented content helps learners to learn and remember the concepts quickly.

4. Is the course navigation intuitive?

The learning experience should not be frustrating for learners. Make sure that the navigation buttons in your course allow learners to go through different slides, topics and chapters of their choice easily. Simply said, learners should not get stuck at a particular section while navigating through the course or get confused about how to move forward or go back to the previous segment.

5. Is the course fun and interactive?

Is your eLearning course interactive and does it allow active participation from the learners’ side? Interactive eLearning is possible by including assessments, quizzes or tests after each module. Adding some learning activities, audios, scenarios, avatars or learning agents retains learner’s interest through the course.

These are some of the questions that come to my mind while designing an eLearning course. However some more may be added to the above-mentioned list. What are the questions you would ask to check the effectiveness of an eLearning course? Do share your thoughts.

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