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Instructional Strategy for Designing a Power-packed Online Product training for Sales People

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Designing Online Product Training for Sales People

We get lots of inputs from Stakeholders, but we just can’t take all the information and make an eLearning course. Sometimes the Stakeholders want an eLearning with a fewer number of slides but learners should be able to imbibe maximum information. How do we go about designing an instructional strategy for product training with such requirements? I had a similar challenge, and I would like to share my experience with you.

As an Instructional Designer our skill lies in discerning relevant information for the sales people from the given inputs. We should always put ourselves in the shoes of learners, consider relevant information and design a strategy. If I were to sell a product, I would want to know about:

  • Who the buyers are and what their needs are?
  • What are the unique features and benefits of the product and as against those of the competitors’ products?
  • How will the benefits of the product meet the needs of the buyers?

To start with, as an introduction, a snapshot of who the buyers are and an overview of their needs was given.

The unique features and benefits of the product, as well as those features of the product that have an edge over the competitors’ product were given, so that it makes sales people easier to talk in a more objective way.

Next, the most important topic, ‘how the benefits of the product meet the needs of the buyers’ was included. This is what the sales people actually do in their jobs, selling right features to the right markets.

Every company is proud of the services it offers. The next topic was about the accessories and services. A quick summary and a final quiz makes this eLearning complete.

If you focus on these three things and discern relevant information accordingly, then the eLearning will serve as a quick and valuable guide for the sales people.

If you have any other ideas to design an instructional strategy for such requirements, or any other do share your thoughts.

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