Guidelines for Designing Online Induction Training Programs for New Hires

Guidelines for Designing Online Induction Training Programs for New Hires

Guidelines For Designing Online Induction Training Programs

Induction Training is essential for new hires. It is about the basics that new employees should understand regarding the organization’s Vision, Goals, Purpose, Key values, Leadership Traits and its Culture. The way you organize and deliver this training is the first impression about you and your enterprise to new hires.

If your organization hires new employees on a weekly basis in multiple locations, and if the training is conducted in a traditional way, it may lead to unnecessary waste of money and time. Therefore, an online Induction Training program, where you can measure the performance of the employee is the better choice.

Here in this blog I will discuss the guidelines to design online induction training Program course.

1. Use Virtual Walkthrough:

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase any place or space online. A virtual tour may use models in place of real-life video and images. So new employees need not see the whole company by visiting it physically but they can walkthrough it in a virtual tour.

2. Use Videos of Messages from CEO or Senior Managers:

The message from CEO or senior Managers can be in a form of a video to make the program lively. As Senior persons, they can share their experiences, the company Vision and Goals.

3. Use Job Aids:

We should provide the new employees, an option to download lot of materials, which they can keep as handouts.

4. Use Testimonials from Old Employees:

We can also add some testimonials from the old employees, who have already completed this Induction Program. It can be in image format or in video format but video format is preferable. This will help new employees to know what is in it for them in taking Induction program.

Overall, it is better to have “Explore and Learn”┬ánavigation throughout the Online Induction Program. This helps to engage learners and motivates them to take the training.

Please do share the guidelines, which you follow for online Induction Training program in your Organization.

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