Designing Interactive Assessments for Encouraging Self-learning

Designing Interactive Assessments for Encouraging Self-learning

Assessments are an integral part of any learning and education because they help to determine whether or not the goals of learning are met and to demonstrate learners’ understanding of the subject.

As Instructional designers, we always strive for bringing better and improved ideas in order to develop an effective eLearning course out of the raw data and hence provide better learning to the learners.

In the same way, we try to embed different interactivities for assessment questions so that the learners could approach these assessments with the same zeal and interest as they take the online learning course.

Here I would like to share with you some of the various interactive assessments we designed for one of our clients.

  • In the following assessment, we used an image that resembled the character in the course. The learner had to drag the correct answer and drop on the board that the character was holding.

Drag the correct answer and drop on the board

  • Here the learners have to select multiple options. They were required to drag the correct circles and drop on the board.The functionality of the assessment was very attractive and appealing.

Select options

  • This assessment is related to testing learners on the statistical data that they learnt in the course. We represented the assessment in the following way.

Testing learners on the statistical data

  • Here is another interactive assessment where the learner had to drop the correct circle in the middle.

Interactive assessment

  • In this type of interactivity the learner was provided with the drop-down boxes where he had to select the correct option from multiple options and submit it as the correct answer.

Drop-down boxes

These are various ways to represent assessments in interactive way using drag-and-drop interactivity. The best authoring tool that enables us to create such interactivities in short time is Articulate storyline. Please do share your thoughts.

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