Factors that Kill the Learners while Taking an E-learning Course

Factors that Kill the Learners while Taking an E-learning Course

Factors that Kill the Learners while Taking an E-Learning Course

Everyone knows that the ultimate goal of any eLearning course is to provide self-paced learning. Such courses should be developed in a way that meet learners requirement. A course will be a success only when it is designed based on the learners’ perspective. Inappropriate courses irritate learners and discourage them from taking future courses. Even THOUGH you include appropriate content, without proper association, it frustrates learners.

Here are some of the factors that frustrate learners:

Failing to meet the measurable goals

Learning objectives describe what the learner will be able to know or do upon the completion of the learning activity. If such objectives are not set properly, the purpose of the eLearning course becomes worthless and learning outcomes cannot be achieved. Try to frame specific objectives in the course and the content in the course should focus on meeting those objectives. Setting clear learning objectives at the beginning of the course is one of the ways through which learners can be motivated to take the course.

Shown here is an example a correct and incorrect learning objective.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to understand value propositions associated with the product

By the end of this course, learners will be able to identify four key value propositions associated with the product

Heavy content onscreen

Too much onscreen content confuses learners and leaves them with half-knowledge. Statistics say that learners cannot stay on one slide for more than 2 minutes. So, try to present the content in smaller chunks which holds the attention of the learner. Thus in order to exploit the learning potential of the learners, it is important for instructional designers to split the content into manageable units of information.

Irresistible graphics

Graphics, animations, images, charts, etc., grabs the learners’ attention quickly. Do not decorate the course with them but instead, educate the learners by using these elements appropriately, in relevance to the content. Usage of all these elements should be in a way that helps learners to retain and improve their understanding.

For example, here is an animated image which grabs the learners’ attention quickly.

iresistable graphics

Vague navigation

Improper navigation will definitely confuse and frustrate learners. In order to overcome this confusion:

  • Remove unnecessary buttons from the screen
  • Stipulate what each button does

Clear instructions on navigations (such as start, stop, back, menu, exit, etc.,) should be provided to the learners before the start of the course which enables the learners to use the buttons in a right way.

vague navigation


Inconsistency in the course irritates learners. So strictly maintain consistency in the course by:

  • Using definite sizes and colors
  • Placing navigation buttons consistently throughout the course
  • Maintaining uniformity among the content and graphics

Above are the some of the hurdles which learners face while taking an eLearning course. Hope this will help you avoid those pitfalls and develop a great learning experience to the learners. Have anything to say, please do share.

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