Ideas on How to Design Drag and Drops Interactivities in E-learning

Ideas on How to Design Drag and Drops Interactivities in eLearning

Creating drag and drop interactivity with rapid authoring tools is very easy. The drag and drop generally has two components-one is the item that should be dragged and the other component is the destination where the item should be dropped.

There are many ways to design drag and drops in an eLearning course. Have a look at how we make our eLearning courses interesting and engaging with drag and drops. Below are some of the common ways to add drag and drops interactivities  in eLearning courses:

1. Drag and Drops to teach Process

Processes are descriptive in nature and have several steps; they explain how each step or stage works. Through sequencing drag and drop assessment, we give steps of process and learners have to arrange the steps into the correct order.


2. Drag and Drops to teach Standards

To teach learners how to keep their customer desk clean, which will help them to provide better customer service, we have assessed them as shown below; we have given real environment, which is a little messy and asked them to drag and drop the items to the dustbin to make their desk clean.

drag drop for standards

3. Drag and Drops to teach Definitions

Puzzle is a good tool for teaching definitions and terms. This allows learners to drag the words provided in the list and drop in the space provided to explore the correct words for the descriptions.

drag drop for definition

These are the different ways we can assess learners and Drag and drop is the best tool to engage learners and makes them connected through the eLearning course.

By just clicking the mouse does not mean that the learners are engaged in the course. We have to allow learners to get more involved; this is possible by adding interactivities and drag & drop is one of the best tools to engage learners in the learning process and apply their acquired knowledge to real-life experiences.

Hope these ideas will help you when you design the drag and drops for your courses. Do share your thoughts.

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