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3 Interesting Ways to Design Elearning Intro Pages – Infographic

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Why is the intro page of your online course so important? Why do you need to  ensure that this page is attractively designed? How does it contribute to the success of your course? Well, the intro page is the first thing that appears when your learners log into the course. An intro page that is not well designed creates a poor impression of the course and can turn people away from your course. So, you need to make sure that the intro page is attractive and  generates interest in the course.

Now comes the big question – how do you create interesting intro pages? Here are 3 proven tips to help.

3 Interesting Ways to Design Elearning Intro Pages- Infographic

I find these 3 tips very useful to create the best impression when learners first look at the course. Do you have other ways of designing interesting intro pages? Please add to the list.

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