Roadmap To Design Effective eLearning Part2 – An Infographic

Roadmap To Design Effective eLearning Part2 – An Infographic

In the last infographic we have seen eLearning implementation stages, right from carrying out the training need analysis, to developing detailed content outline. In this post we will be seeing various steps including deciding the learning device patterns to uploading courses on LMS.

After you develop DCO for an eLearning course, then we have to consider learning design patterns for the course. We have many learning devices like scenario, role play, reflection and simple information that can be used to impart training.

Then in the next step, storyboarding is done, where the scripting of the entire course is done by instructional designers. After storyboarding for the course is done, it is now time to produce the course. At this stage developer’s work on various authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora etc. to develop courses.

This course is published to SCORM/ AICC version compliant, to run on LMS. Developed courses are uploaded on LMS, to make them accessible to learners and also to meet the tracking and reporting compliance. In the last stage of eLearning development, evaluate your eLearning course, by doing a learnability test on group of learners. Let’s see how these steps are presented in the infographic below.

Roadmap to Design Effective eLearning Part2 - An Infographic

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