Ideal Delivery Methods for Training Generation Y

Ideal Delivery Methods for Training Generation Y

Training is an ongoing process and needs reinforcement for better retention. Training Gen Y may seem to be complex as they differ from their predecessors in their learning approach. They are more tech savvy and being exposed to the most advanced technology, their learning approach is completely dependent on these technologies.

To meet the learning demands of the population and to strategize an ideal solution with respect to training for the Millennials, one need to effectively integrate classroom training with technology.

Blended Training:

Classroom training has always been regarded as a critical component of a training solution. Therefore, for these tech savvy learners, you can enrich the classroom learning experience by blending it with other methods – you can use technology-enabled learning such as eLearning. With eLearning, you can ensure all information requisite for the training process can be made available online. The learners are at liberty to procure any information anytime, anywhere. The information available serves the purpose of reinforcing their learning. Other ways of modernizing traditional classrooms is by setting up computer labs, installing a broadband connection, using virtual classrooms within the traditional classroom and so on.

Mobile Learning Solutions:

The Millennials, who are well acquainted with smart phones such as Blackberry, are used to accessing information through their mobiles whenever they need it. To keep pace with the fast and dynamic lifestyle of Gen Y, trainers increasingly are feeling the necessity of devising mobile learning solutions. With various technological marvels, we can help to enrich the classroom experience of learning.

Hands-On Learning:

Gen Y learners prefer hands on activities or experimental learning than simple gathering of knowledge. Therefore, to facilitate their learning, you can use methodologies such as case studies, group studies, playing business games and simulations. Using these methodologies, helps learners to retain information for longer periods because they are more exposed to practical aspects than theoretical ones.

Byte-Sized Learning Modules:

Now, if you were to integrate technology outside the classroom, the different techniques that you can follow are: forming byte-sized learning modules. As mentioned earlier, in today’s fast paced world with its various time constraints, learners will not invest time going through long courses. Rather they would prefer specific information that would serve their purpose. Therefore, providing small learning nuggets will help them to learn better.

Collaborative Learning:

Another informal method that facilitates training is the collaborative learning approach. Gen Y prefers an interactive communication mode rather than learning in isolation. Web 2.0 technologies (wikis, blogs etc.) have added new meaning to social learning and have made it easier to access immediate information. The various social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn facilitate peer-to-peer interaction with others (facilitators or learners).

Millennial’s always prefer to get things done quickly; the same goes with training. Thus, it pays to invest in devising training methods such that training is made quicker, more interesting, convenient, and enjoyable.

  • Excellent observations and my compliments. Would like to add

    Our Gen Y is very talented and having graduated into this gen also teach students and professionals feel that:

    This gen Y is more technology savvy and likely to be more short cut oriented in order to obtain faster results. Thus for them the phones were not to their liking in case of eLearning, but the iPad with a bigger screen brings them closer to this idea.

    All the above methods are appropriate and shall remain in vogue depending on situations. However the need for faster methods of assimilation and evaluation need to be developed keeping in view the need of time.

    The ultimate absorption time or attention span is getting shorter and shorter as the knowledge base is getting wider and wider thus at times selecting the right knowledge at the right time becomes a challenge for Gen Y.

    Also the skills possessed by earlier Gen are getting non existent as Gen Y at times is unable to make simple mental calculations and needs the calculator.

    Thus you will agree there is a need to encourage mental ability both logical and creative which are essential for the future generations to come.

    Thank you for your time and reading. Take care keep smiling and have a blessed 2012 and beyond…………….

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    Let me know if you’re keen for us to take this forward.

    Thanks !

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