5 Ways to Deliver Effective Training through IPads

5 Ways to Deliver Effective Training through IPads

5 Ways to Deliver Effective Training through IPads

According to the Mac Observer, 94 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are either testing or deploying iPads for various business purposes. It also reported that nearly 70 percent of the Global 500 companies are testing or deploying these devices.

Many organizations are looking to deliver training to their employees through these gadgets. Let us now see how these incredible tablets from Apple can be used to deliver effective training to your workforce.

1. Comfortable access to eBooks

E-books can be used to deliver training, in the form of job aids, product manuals, user guides, etc.

IPads are the best devices to access eBooks anytime, anywhere. Their large screens are ideal for reading eBooks for longer periods of time.

Comfortable access to eBooks

2. Excellent training through presentations

Media-rich presentations can be used as brochures, product catalogs, induction training materials, etc. IPads are considered the best devices to deliver training through multimedia presentations.

Excellent training through presentations

The multi-touch user interface of iPads is very user-friendly. This interface, combined with the large screen size, empowers the user with a wide range of interactions.

3. Effective use of gamified learning

Games are highly effective tools to impart training as they help employees overcome resistance to training activities and actively engage in them. IPads’ multi-touch screens make them the best fit for delivering gamified learning.

Effective use of gamified learning

4. Experiential learning through high quality simulations

Simulations refer to the imitation of the operation of real world processes that can be used to provide experiential learning. In the training world, they are extensively used for training on the usage of tools, equipment, complex technical processes and software applications.

Experiential learning through high quality simulations

The hardware capabilities of iPads have made them the preferred choice to provide simulation-based training.

5. Enhanced engagement through videos

 This highly popular medium is used extensively to deliver training because it is very effective in generating and sustaining learner interest.

Enhanced engagement through videos

The iPad is the ultimate device to watch videos. Their large, high resolution LED backlight screens provide high quality viewing experiences. Also, the powerful built-in speakers produce high quality sound.

Thus, we see that iPads can be used to impart high quality training to your workforce. Do you want to add some more points to this? Please do so.

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