4 Questions to Deliver Effective eLearning Courses

4 Questions to Deliver Effective eLearning Courses

Designing and developing effective eLearning courses demands high-level of effort from the Instructional Designers (IDs). In this blog, I’m going to define a few questions that will help you deliver effective eLearning courses.


In my opinion, our task can be simplified to great extent if we start asking ourselves a few questions before we start our work. When designing an eLearning course, ask yourself these basic questions, and keep them in your mind throughout its development.

1. What is the instructional goal?

Firstly, get a clear idea of what the stakeholder wants to achieve from your work. Ask ‘What should the learner be able to DO after taking this course?’ You will know the behavioral change that needs to be achieved through the eLearning.

How is it helpful?

Knowing the instructional goal will set a clear path for the complete eLearning. It will also help you write clear, precise and specific learning objectives for the course.

2. How will this eLearning help learners reach the goal?

Keeping in mind the instructional goal that needs to be achieved, determine the factors or parameters that will influence the learning experience. Make a list of the factors that will help enhance the learning experience, such as text, illustrations, animations, audio, simulations, videos, etc.

How is it helpful?

This will help you set the context for the eLearning course, which is essential for achieving the instructional goal.

3. Who are the learners?

Get to know your learners at a specific level, before designing the eLearning course. You should ask a series of questions to know your target audience better:

  • Who is this course for?
  • What is their age group?
  • Is this course going global, or will it be taken by employees at a specific location?
  • Are the learners computer savvy?

And the list goes on …

How is it helpful?

Ask questions to get the complete profile of the learners. This will help you imagine the culture and professionalism of the learners. Hence, you will be able to provide meaningful solutions, which are not off the path.

4. What do they already know, and what needs to be taught in this eLearning course?

Ask the stakeholder about how much do the learners know about the topic, and what is that you need to facilitate through this eLearning. Find out what level of knowledge do the learners already have about the topic, and what is that you need to facilitate them in this eLearning. The stakeholder might give you the complete set of inputs, but might want you to teach them only the details about the topic. In such case, if you include even the basics in the eLearning course, learners might lose interest in the eLearning, which is not a good sign! Hence, teach only what is expected and beneficial for the learners.

How is it helpful?

You will get to know the need-to-know and nice-to-know content of the eLearning course, and thus you can focus on the key content. It makes your life easier!

The answers to these questions set the foundation for effective eLearning, and if you strictly follow them, you will craft a successful eLearning course for your target audience (learners). As a best practice, for every project, write these questions and answers on a piece of paper and stick it near your desktop (work-area)!

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