Real Definition of eLearning

Real Definition of eLearning

Real Definition of eLearning

Many people think that e-learning is a kind of e-training, but to say this is to over-simplify the kind of learning it actually is. Really, e-learning is information, communication, collaboration and training put together. It’s a system where you have information which you need to communicate effectively, collaborate and train. All these things put together constitute e-learning.

There is no universal definition of e-learning. E-learning refers to any form of learning that we are familiar with or which we can access through Web-enabled technology.

It can also be delivered by CD-ROM content, and it can happen over the Internet from anywhere – whether your small Local Area Network office, or over your intranet where your various offices are connected or even over your Wide Area Network where  your various offices are connected.

So the delivery of e-learning or e-learning content can happen in various forms through CD-ROM, in a Local Area Network, over the internet, over the intranet. But to put it simply, it is learning through web-enabled Technology. Usually, eLearning is delivered over:

  • CD-ROM
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • LAN (Local Area Network) and
  • And WAN (Wide Area Network)

It is a very broad term that doesn’t have any single one universal definition.

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