Effective Ways to Deal with Digital Natives

Effective Ways to Deal with Digital Natives

Effective Ways to Deal with Digital Natives

Based on US statistics, by 2020, nearly 46% of the workforce will consist of millennials (Generation Y) against only 16% of Generation X. Hence, organizations are in search of millennials. Now, if you hire them, are you aware of how to deal with the millennials? Do you know what kind of steps to be followed to train these digital natives?

Millennials are the individuals born in between 1977-1997, who grew up playing video games, browsing internet, therefore their learning style will be different from that of the previous generations.They feel comfortable working with the keyboard rather than writing. So, Gen Y’s are looking for more efficient approaches that suit their way of learning, as they are curious to know about what they are working for.

According to a paper, “Recommendations for training the millennial generation”, millennials have different attitude. They expect constant feedback from the organizations. They are habituated to work in their own way and are accustomed to find the information online by themselves. They rather treat managers as coaches. These things turn out to be the challenges to the training organizations. However, they can be turned into assets as excellent workers, if trained properly by the organizations when they enter the workplace.

As they enter the organizations, managers and human resources professionals need to develop interesting engagement methods to train them in a well-organized manner. To do so, organizations have to adapt effective training methods. Before training them, organizations are now working ahead, to list out the challenges that they face in training the millennials.

Let’s see some of the challenges faced by the organization.

According to a report by “Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)”, it has been said that,

  • Even though millennials are well qualified technically, they lag behind in communication, listening and relationship building. They must be motivated to attempt online assessments on effective communication, so that they can improve their communication.
  • They are proficient in using the technology especially computers. So, organizations must choose effective training methods like online training, web-based training, rather than class-room training.

According to “American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)”, it has been said that

  • Attention spans of millennials are limited. They seem to be disengaged or show little interest in theory sessions. So technology driven platforms such as eLearning where the courses are designed with the help of rapid authoring tools lectora,captivate, articulate can be used to deliver training.

Hope this has helped organizations get an idea how to deal with the digital natives and the steps to be followed to guide them through in a different training approach.

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