How Training Helps Make Your Data Analytics Initiative a Big Hit

How Training Helps Make Your Data Analytics Initiative a Big Hit

How Training Helps Make Your Data Analytics Initiative a Big Hit

It is a well-known fact that many companies are going in for analytics to utilize data efficiently and make informed decisions. But, how can these organizations ensure the success of their “information-crunching” initiatives? What does it take to get the highest return on their analytics investment? Well, they need to focus on a vital aspect – training. Today, we will see how delivery of good training helps firms harness the full potential of their analytics programs.

Tool adoption rates go up considerably

Studies conducted by the Aberdeen group reveal that effective training initiatives result in higher adoption rates of analytical software. They point out training helps produce savvy users with sound analytical capabilities, who can profile, cleanse, and integrate data very effectively.

Data silos are demolished 

According to the report Analytics and BI Training: Motivators and Benefits, data silos are a major problem faced by many companies. It further reveals that proper training can help overcome this problem. The report states that necessary knowledge and skills can be imparted to users of analytics software to “unlock the data granaries”.

Proper data governance is possible 

The report Data Discovery and Interactive Visualization: “Affect thro’ the Eyes” states that good training enables firms to adhere to internal information-security protocols and applicable standards. Well-trained users of analytical software understand why the IT department imposes restrictions on access to certain information.

Good knowledge of the tool’s features can be provided 

Today’s analytics tools come with very powerful features, and it is important for users of these software to be fully aware of their capabilities to utilize them efficiently. Effective training on the features of the software allows users to pull in more data, in quick time, and perform robust analysis. 

A data-driven culture can be fostered 

Delivery of proper online training to users of analytics tools goes a long way in creating a “data-empowered” organizational culture. The research report Predictive Analytics: The Right Culture, Talent, and Results states that efficient analysis of data enables companies to prepare better for contingencies and avoid undesirable surprises.

Better sharing of data is possible 

Research shows that companies that conduct analytics training programs reported 42% more users per capita who collaborated and shared knowledge over the past 2 years. Effective training provides insights into external data and analyses which help them understand how their analytical work could help others. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to interact with analysts from other departments, and this paves the way for collaborative relationships.

Responses to customer requests are quicker 

A survey conducted by Aberdeen revealed that organizations with analytics training courses witnessed a 27% increase in the number of users with enhanced skills to respond to customer requests. The results of the survey point out that the online training helps staff to find and utilize information needed to resolve the customer issues efficiently. 

Good training helps increase the rates of analytics tools’ adoption and overcome the problems created by data silos. It facilitates effective data governance and fosters a data-driven organizational culture. Well-trained staff members can collaborate and share information more effectively and respond quickly to customer requests. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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