Boost Sales with Customized Product Training

Boost Sales with Customized Product Training

It is no secret that the objective of any organization would be to increase sales and generate more revenue. Within the organization, who are the people that help in this process? There are several people involved with the organization, directly or indirectly, who contribute to sales. They are Sales Personnel, Channel Partners, Service Engineers, Customer Service Staff and Customers.

Each of these audiences can benefit from training and education, which will result in generating more sales for the organization. Let’s see how this works.

Sales people are perhaps the most important audience for training and education. It is therefore, not surprising that organizations world over invest huge amounts of money for the purpose. They need to know your products, to be able to convince prospects to buy them. They also need to understand the selling skills and strategies that help them. At the same time, they need to adhere to the organization’s selling process. Sales people will typically need product training, selling skills training and sales process training.

Irrespective of the product they are handling, or the profile of people they are selling to, sales people need training.

Channel Partners

Channel partners can be retailers, resellers, wholesales or distributors. They are advocates of your products therefore, it is important that you train them about your products and services. With products becoming highly sophisticated, sales incentives and schemes becoming more complicated, the need to train this segment of audience has been rising. A well-trained channel partner can help promote your products better and gain valuable customers.

Channel partners and sales people at their end, also require similar, or perhaps more training, than your sales personnel.

Service Engineers

The third segment of the audience, who need to receive training, are the service engineers. When they are proficient in their jobs, are able to address customer queries and problems efficiently, they will generate good will and sales referrals from existing customers and can be instrumental in generating sales. In fact, in some industries, more sales are generated by support staff than the sales force!

The type of training they require will be product training, technical training, trouble shooting and maintenance etc.

Customer Service Executives

Customer service executives also require training, as they are sometimes the first people who interact with customers – either personally, or over the telephone. The number of leads they generate, is dependent on how they interact with prospects, help address their queries, or direct them to the right sales person. They are then directly responsible for generating quality leads for the sales team and increasing sales opportunities.

Though they may not require in-depth product training, they need to be given some training on company products and services, to better address customer enquiries. They also require training in soft skills such as telephone skills, customer handling skills and so on.


In recent times, many organizations are focusing on training customers. It could be training them to use their products correctly, basic maintenance, troubleshooting and so on. Rightly so, because educating or training existing customers, is an excellent after-sales support. It increases customer loyalty and advocacy towards your products, resulting in repeat sales and reference sales. These days there are instances of organizations conducting paid customer training sessions also.

We have seen typical audiences who need training and education, in a sales context. It is not always easy to train such a large pool of participants through classroom training. Additionally, each of them has different training requirements, which may not be addressed with a common training program. In such a situation, the best way to meet diverse training needs of diverse audience, is through online training or eLearning. Do you agree? Please share your thoughts.