How Customer Service Skills Training Helps Handle Customer Interactions

Importance of Customer Service Skills Training

Importance of Customer Service Skills Training

Always do more than is required of you.” – George S. Patton

Is bad customer service ruining your profits? According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs,

  • It is 6-7 times costlier to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a current one.
  • News of bad customer service experiences reach two times faster than praise for a positive customer service experience.

McKinsey says that 70% of buying experiences are based customer perceptions of how they are being treated. So, what do you need to do to make the customer happy? You need to take time to address your customers, try to do everything to remedy the situation, if unpleasant, and avoid any negative word of mouth exposure.

No matter how great your products or how talented your employees, the one thing the customer remembers is how you interacted with him. Are you happy with the results of your Customer Satisfaction Survey? Is the 100% still a myth? Why are the numbers dipping? Unsure about your strengths and weaknesses? What could be the reason? Make an effort to get closer with your customers through your employees. Improve Customer Service by providing customer service training.

Customer service is essential for any organization if it has to sustain in business for the long run. Organizations providing good customer service are successful in retaining existing customers and building long term relationships with them. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to provide customer service training for their employees.

Ensure Your Reps Understand Their Roles:

Training helps customer service representatives realize the importance of their role and the nature of service the organization intends to provide its customers. It is an opportunity for organizations to educate their employees about their mission statement and the role customer service representatives play in attaining the same.

Strengthen Your Reps’ Customer Service Skills:

Customer service training helps employees develop skills to handle customer complaints and maintain good relationships with clients. For customers, nothing is more frustrating than customer service agents failing to resolve their problems. Employees also need to be trained on handling difficult customers without offending and frustrating them. They also need to be empowered with right knowledge and tools that help them take decisions to resolve customer complaints.

Enhance Your Reps’ Customer Service Strategy:

Helping employees preempt customer queries and expectations will help them have a thorough understanding of the customers’ perspective. They are less likely to be caught unaware when they face difficult customers and will be better prepared to handle such situations. It is natural for an employee to get defensive when faced with customer accusations or complaints. However, arguments with customers do not profit the organization. Empathy and patient hearing can make a hostile customer more receptive to the solution offered by you. Training needs to be geared in that direction.

Organizations can no longer work in isolation. The support of their customers, partners, and associates is necessary if they have to realize their objectives. One way to ensure this is by improving the quality of their service which can be met with proper customer service training.

Also, ensure your reps are engaged; improving employee engagement will create a great experience for customers and provide an easy, accessible path for them to provide feedback.

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