5 Ways to Educate Customers About Your Products Using Technology

5 Ways to Educate Customers About Your Products Using Technology

Customer training is essential for customer satisfaction and business growth. Organizations worldwide are increasingly investing resources into training their customers on their products or services. Here are some of the ways you can effectively use technology to educate your customers:


In recent times, webinars have become a popular means to communicate with customers. This is a powerful medium to reach out to existing customers and channel partners spread across the globe. They are also used to share specific information about products or services and their various applications. They also serve as excellent media for industry thought leaders to share their experiences, and news of the latest industry trends and standards. Customers find these web sessions useful and informative and are willing to participate in them, as there is no compulsion to purchase any products.

White papers and eBooks:

White papers and eBooks have gained popularity in recent times as excellent avenues of sharing product features and benefits. They can also be used to highlight customer pain points and demonstrate with case studies and examples how your products can prove beneficial to potential customers. Tips on best practices for product usage or troubleshooting guidelines are some topics on which organizations create e-books.

Videos and trailers:

Videos are excellent for product demonstrations. You might have provided demos to customers at the time of delivery and installation of products. However, it is not always possible for customers to remember all that has been demonstrated at the time of installation or during on-site customer training sessions. Having a video of product demonstration and even installation can be useful resources for customers.

Similarly, product trailers are excellent ways to educate your customers about your products. Many companies have uploaded new product trailers on YouTube and on their company websites for existing and prospective customers.

E-learning courses:

Many organizations such as CISCO and Hill-Rom offer web-based technical training programs for their customers that are accessible 24/7. Instead of waiting for scheduled on-site training programs, customers can be empowered to obtain training at a convenient time.

Many organizations offer their channel partners certified training programs to enhance their expertise and provide added value to their business and customers. Certifications given by these organizations are highly valued in the market and provide credibility to the channel partner. The training programs for certifications can be offered online as eLearning modules.


Sometimes, you might have product updates and innovations that you wish to share with your customers. E-Newsletters are excellent for maintaining contact with your customers and keeping them posted about your new product offerings, industry updates, information pertaining to your specific domain, events, product launches, webinars or any of your product innovations. Customers do appreciate any information that adds value to their knowledge and business.

These are some of the ways that organizations can use technology to educate customers for mutual benefit. Are there any other means by which you educate your customers? Do share your experiences with us here.