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Custom E-learning: Delivering Affluent Learning Experience [Video]

Organizations began to use online training solutions for training their employees, many companies started developing off-the-shelf courses that provide the general training needs of the organizations. Some specialize in certain areas and others specialize in general topics. But do they precisely address the training needs of the organization? Not 100 % because off the shelf courses are created, keeping in mind a larger target audience.

Only those factors that are relevant to a wide group are covered in the training content. Therefore, if you are expecting that they will cover all the training content 100%, you may be disappointed.So, what would be the best training solution? Well custom eLearning,it may take time to roll out, but it proved to be a cost-effective and efficient option keeping the long-term requirements in mind.

Want to know more about custom elearning courses, then check out the video Custom E-learning: Delivering Affluent Learning Experience. 


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