Why is Custom E-learning the King of the Corporate Training Ring?

Why is Custom E-learning the King of the Corporate Training Ring?

Why is Custom E-learning the King of the Corporate Training Ring?

You are pretty aware that the learning needs of organizations are as diverse as the organizations themselves. You understand that your company too has unique learning needs. So, how do you efficiently and cost-effectively satisfy them? The answer to your question is custom eLearning.

Why choose custom eLearning over off-the-shelf courses?

Custom online courses can be used to efficiently satisfy your needs because it offers 3 major advantages. They are:

Advantage 1: No generic content

You don’t need custom eLearning courses to impart training to your staff on MS-office suite of products. The market is replete with off-the-shelf courses that can satisfy this need very effectively. But your needs such as training your people on your products or your business processes are unique to your organization and only custom online training can fully satisfy them. This is because off-the-shelf courses are designed keeping in mind the needs of diverse audiences. Only those parameters that are broadly relevant to this large group are covered in their training content. So, you may not expect these “ready-made” courses to satisfy 100% of your training requirement.

Advantage 2: Best value for your money

You are the master of your custom eLearning course. You need not pay extra to the vendor for customization (if they provide such an option). Furthermore, there can be limitations to the extent you can customize an off-the-shelf course. You have no such problems with custom online training. You can also save on course maintenance charges. You may also face problems in updating your off-the-shelf course. There is no guarantee that the vendor would provide an upgrade that suits your changing learning needs effectively. If he does not provide an update, your investment is dead because it no longer serves your needs.

Advantage 3: You can break the shackles of licensing

In most cases, off-the-shelf courses are based on licensing models such as per user, per site and so on. You are compelled to “choose” the model that the vendor imposes on you. You have to adjust your needs to their requirements and not vice-versa. You have no such issues with custom online courses. This goes a long way in reducing the pressure on your training budget and allows you to scale up as you wish.

Thus, custom eLearning can be used to efficiently satisfy your needs and provide the best ROI on your training expenditure. You have the option of choosing what you want in a custom eLearning course. Indeed, custom eLearning is the king of the corporate training ring. What do you think?

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