3 Things that Make or Mar your Online Course

3 Things that Make or Mar your Online Course

3 Things that Make or Mar your Online Course

You need to meticulously plan before embarking on the creation of an eLearning course. A carefully crafted online course goes beyond improving your people’s productivity. It adds value to your organization. But how do you make sure that you create the right digital course that meets your needs effectively? Well, you can make great courses by focusing on 3 important aspects.

Let us see what they are and how they affect your course.

1. Course Objectives

Getting your course objectives right is arguably THE most important aspect that you need to consider when making an online course. Clearly defined objectives help you know what to expect from the course and stay on track. They enable you to check the comprehensiveness of your course. For instance, let us suppose that you are building a course on industrial safety and have identified 3 learning objectives for the course. You can check whether the content of the course and the assignments meet these objectives using this simple matrix.

Learning Objective NumberItem of the content that meets the objectiveAssessment questions that are in tandem with the objective

2. Instructional Activities

An equally important factor that determines the effectiveness of your online course is your choice of the instructional activities. You need to use interactivities at the right place. For instance, to present the 3 steps of a process, you can use this presentation pattern.

Instructional Activities

The learner needs to click on each step and a new slide opens that provides details about that step. On the other hand, to merely convey a list of facts, you may use this presentation pattern, instead of bland bullet points.

Instructional Activities

Staying with instructional activities, you need to make sure that they contribute to the course objectives. For instance, when you use a game in your course, you need to ensure that your people do not merely have fun by playing it, but learn.

3. Visual Strategy

The right visuals go a long way in ensuring the effectiveness of your online course. Your images, animations and other visual elements need to efficiently present the information to your learners. Similarly, it is important to use clear fonts rather than ones that are swank. For example, which of these fonts would you prefer?

Visual Strategy

Having clarity on course objectives helps you to remain focused and check the completeness of the course. By choosing the right instructional activities and developing effective visual strategy, you can ensure that you create the “perfect” course that meets your needs. What do you think?

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