Creating Learner Delight With Gamified E-learning

Creating Learner Delight With Gamified E-learning

How can you create excellent learner experiences? What does it take to develop online courses that capture the imagination of your learners? Well, you can make eLearning a pleasure through gamification. The Wikipedia defines gamification as the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts, such as learning. Let us now see how gamification helps ensure effective learning in a joyous environment.

Learners are motivated to take the course

Learner motivation is often THE factor that makes the difference between success and failure of an online course. Games can be very useful tools to motivate your learners. For instance, a pharmaceutical company is using a gamified digital course to train the staff of its legal department. The learners are intimated through the LMS that the person who scores the highest number of points in the game on patent laws will be awarded a badge and 200 USD. This will motivate the learners to excel in the course to win the badge and the monetary reward.

People remain “connected” to the course

Gamification helps learners to focus effectively on the eLearning course as they prevent learner humdrum. They enable your personnel to stay “on track” and concentrate on the subject-matter of the course. In the above example, gamification helps the legal personnel get actively involved in the course and this facilitates better acquisition of knowledge of the statutes.

Information can be recalled efficiently

It is very essential to recall information periodically to make learning effective. Games help recall what is learnt in a fun-filled and efficient manner. They can also be used to assess the learners. Staying with the above example, games can be used to help learners recall various legal provisions related to clinical trials after the completion of a module on that topic.

Knowledge can be reinforced effectively

Reinforcement of learning goes a long way in ensuring that the knowledge gained will stay for extended period of time. Games are ideal means to reinforce learning. In the above example, games are used to reinforce knowledge of the sections of various laws in a gratifying manner.

Training can be imparted in a stress-free manner

It is common knowledge that stress is the nemesis of effective learning. Games are ideal instruments to overcome the stress, usually associated with acquisition of knowledge and skills. By making the training environment lively, games enhance the efficacy of online courses and help people learn better.

Thus, we see that gamified eLearning courses can be used to impart highly effective training. However, on the flip side, creating these courses take longer time to build and are a bit expensive. So, it is important to consider the money and time available, before you embark on developing a gamified digital course. Hope you find this blog useful.

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