How to Create Attractive Video Simulations in Online Learning Courses

How to Create Attractive Video Simulations in Online Learning Courses

How to Create Attractive Video Simulations in Online Learning Courses

A simulation is the representation or imitation of the process of any learning activity in an effective manner. A simulation requires a model that represents the behavior and the key characteristics of a process.

Simulations help learners to practice more as well as allow them to learn the subject in a virtual environment. Here the “watch-try-do” strategy is used, where the learners can watch the steps which are involved in the application, try the instructions by ‘online guidance,’ and then attempt the assessments on their own.

Simulations are developed using authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Flash, Camtasia, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Viewlet, and so on.

In this blog, we will learn some important elements to create attractive video simulations. 


Sometimes learners can find the content very dry and boring; then they may skip the content without reading. Characters in a simulation can be used to engage learners and they entertain the learners throughout the course. By this we can ensure that learners can better understand the content and learn more without missing important information. Characters will act as a perfect guide/mentor for the learners and maintain a relationship with the learners. Characters help in simplifying complex content and also in reinforcing learning.


Small-Size videos:

We can start an e-learning course with some short videos telling what the simulation is about and how it will help learners and also in which aspects. These small-sized videos can also be helpful for new employees who are working for the first time, by providing the information on how they can check employee data, their profiles and how to use the leave form, and so on. Thus, these videos will help learners to understand the content and concept in an effective manner.

Small-Size videos


Audio is one of the important elements in simulations. We use audio to explain the procedure/steps in the simulation clearly. We must maintain the synchronization between on-screen text and the audio to develop effective online courses.


These elements can also be used to demonstrate the use of applications or product. Let us see how.

Demonstrate the use of applications:

These simulations help the learners with an opportunity to watch and follow the steps like how to do, which options to select, what he/she can do, and so on. Here, it provides clear instructions about all the steps that are involved in the course. Thus, the learners can feel at ease to learn the course without any difficulty.

Demonstrate the use of applications

Thus, all these elements will help you in creating attractive video simulations and engage the

learners to understand the concept in an effective manner.

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