3 Ways to Create a Buzz In Your E-Learning Courses

3 Ways to Create a Buzz In Your E-Learning Courses

3 Ways to Create a Buzz In Your E-Learning Courses

A trailer is an advertisement of a new movie; its purpose is to kindle eagerness among people to watch the movie and enjoy the story. The main objective of a trailer is to increase the interest levels within us. On viewing a trailer, we become so enthusiastic and sometimes even restless to know the hidden obscurities and mysteries and the real story, which is yet to come. The same simile can be applied in the case of e-learning too.

So, how can we trigger the same kind of curiosity and excitement among learners? Let us see a few effective strategies to create a buzz among online learners.

1. Sneak peeks/Hints/Trailer videos

Try to build anticipation about your online courses. Create short teasers or videos that discuss the key take a ways and provide a gist of the course. This informs the learners about the benefits of taking up the course.

These videos can be short and to the point; for example, the video can show incidents regarding workplace harassment and tell learners how the course will help them face such situations when they arise.

Sneak Peeks HintsTrailer videos

Videos can be created even from the e-learning courses by usingscreens with the most important topics.

Videos can also be created from the eLearning courses

Ice-breaker questions with suitable images and employee testimonials can also be used for creating trailers.

2. A short speech from the leader

Any message from the higher officials in an organisation is given due importance by the employees. One of our esteemed clients shared with us that the vice-president had sent a mail to all his employees regarding the online training program before its launch detailing the key take a ways of the program. Needless to say, the program was very successful.

3. Certification, appreciation, and rewards

Providing valid certificates (co-signed by a recognized authority), appreciations, and rewards are the other ways to make learners greatlymotivated to take up the course.Learners feel motivated when they come to know that they are going to be rewarded and recognized upon successful completion of the course.

Generating a buzz about online courses need not be an expensive task; instead, it requires out-of-the box thinking. E-learningcourses should be advertisedlike all other products in order to gain learner attention and mobilizeenrollments for the course.

Do you have any other interesting ideas? Please share them with us.

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