5 Reasons Why St. Valentine Would Love E-learning

5 Reasons Why St. Valentine Would Love E-learning

5 Reasons Why St. Valentine Would Love E-learning

February 14th has a special place in our hearts. The spirit of love and compassion runs through all of us. The story of St. Valentine proves that even ordinary mortals can live forever in the hearts and minds of people by the virtue of their character. As members of the eLearning community, how can we celebrate this day of love and sacrifice?

We are fortunate to be associated with a learning format that stands for the principles for which St. Valentine gave up his life. This martyr would have loved eLearning because it

1. Is based on the principle of equality


St. Valentine desired equality of all men – irrespective of whether one was a prince or a pauper. He resented the actions of his king who lived happily with his family safe in his palace while the ordinary Roman citizen had to fight and die for their monarch. E-learning upholds this principle of equality because an online course can be used to impart the same instruction to learners worldwide – cutting across geographies, time-zones and cultures.

2. Brings learning to the disadvantaged learner


The story of St. Valentine is much more than a person’s struggle for his rights. It represents the desires of the disadvantaged members of the community. Our protagonist would have surely loved helping these unfortunate creatures. Online courses do just that – they help disadvantaged learners constrained by the shackles of work, time and money to improve their knowledge and skills and realize their ambition of climbing up the organizational hierarchy.


3. Creates a happy learning environment


Valentine, like all true lovers, wished for happiness – not just himself, but for the happiness of the entire mankind. eLearning fulfills this wish because thecommunity of learners can have joyous learning experiences as gamified online courses make the learning environment fun-filled “injecting” life into it.

4. Strengthens the bond between the couple – training and development


Valentine’s Day is the day of couples. Julia and Valentine were a couple who would have certainly loved strengthening of the bond between lovers. E-learning cements the bond between the couple that matter most to companies – training and development, by facilitating better training leading to enhanced performance. Surely Valentine and his love would have admired eLearning!


5. Helps learners choose their own path


Claudius imposed compulsory military service on his subjects. Valentine opposed this decision because he believed that every man had a right to choose the way he wanted to live. He symbolizes the rights of an individual. He would have loved online courses because they help a learner chalk his own path of learning – the learner can study at the place of his choice at the time he wants. It allows the learner to control his learning.

E-learning imparts consistent training to learners at all times. It breaks the shackles of time, place and work and enhances the relationship between training and performance. It creates joyous experiences for the learner and helps him choose his own learning path. Indeed, St. Valentine would have loved eLearning! I wish you a very happy Valentine’s day!

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