How to Create Effective Online Courses for the Manufacturing Sector

How to Create Effective Online Courses for the Manufacturing Sector

How to Create Effective Online Courses for the Manufacturing Sector

According to the Annual Report for Great Britain (2013/14), around 77, 593 employees sustained non-fatal injuries. Of these, the most accidents were caused by slips and trips (28%) and handling, lifting or carrying (24%).

Many employees in the manufacturing industry work in challenging environments. They need to handle hazardous equipment and a small mistake could be catastrophic. To prevent life-threatening mistakes and to improve the skills of the manufacturing workforce, proper training and guidance need to be provided.

Technology-enabled learning makes it possible to reach out to learners spread across various regions of the globe, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Why eLearning to train manufacturing employees?

E-learning courses can be accessed according to the employees’ convenience and hence don’t disturb their work. E-learning courses can be updated in a timely manner, so that employees can have the latest information. It saves precious training dollars spent on instructors.

Here are a few fun elements that can improve the effectiveness of your eLearning course.

Use Avatars

The training materials for manufacturing companies’ employees are usually text-heavy and complex. They need to be presented in an engaging and effective way to make courses interesting. We can use animated characters or avatars to take them through the courses and teach them how to handle equipment safely and carefully, in an engaging manner.

Create a Scenario

You can create a scenario and involve the learners in it, and this helps convey the intended message effectively. For example, we can create a scenario where a worker performs dangerous tasks that are prohibited. We can engage the learner by asking him what he would do in such situation. By giving proper feedback, we can let him know if his decision was right or wrong. Even if the learner makes a wrong decision, he has an opportunity to find the right solution.

Teach through Games

Games are not always about fun. Gamification is an instructional strategy that is used to enhance learner engagement and facilitate effective retention of knowledge. For example, we need not create video games to train the manufacturing workforce. A simple game wherein you can ask learners to identify hazardous ways of handling equipment could be effective. Giving scores and proper feedback for such activities goes a long way in motivating learners.

These elements make your eLearning courses fun-filled and teach your learners the correct way of performing their day-to-day activities.

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