How to Create a 3d Object for Your E-learning Course Using PowerPoint

How to Create a 3d Object for Your E-learning Course Using PowerPoint

As eLearning developers, we often use 3-D objects in our courses. Often, we use expensive software to create these objects.

We can reduce costs by creating 3-D objects in PowerPoint. In Microsoft PowerPoint 13, we have an option called merge shape in the insert menu. Using this option, we can create many 3-D objects and this saves the time of instruction designers and graphic designers. Let us now see how to create a pyramid shaped object.

Step1: Create a pyramid shaped object by using SmartArt in the Insert menu.

Create a Pyramid Shape Object

Create a Pyramid Shape Object

Step2: Add colors to the ‘pyramid’.

Add Colors to the Pyramid

Step3: Select the shape and click on option Convert to Shapes in the Design tab.

Click on Option Convert to Shapes

Step4: Now convert the pyramid into a 3-D object by right clicking on it and select Format Object. 

Select Format Object

Step5: Set the value in format shape -> 3-D Rotation -> X rotation 3500 

Set the Value in Format Shape

Step6: Add depth to the shape as follows: Format Shape -> 3-D Format -> Depth 350 pt

Add Depth to the Shape

Step7: Finally add some effects to enhance the aesthetic value of the object.

Add Some Effects to Enhance Aesthetic Value

Thus, instead of creating 3-D objects in Flash, you can use PowerPoint to make them using the above steps. Do you have anything to say? Please do share.

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