Importance of Outline in An Elearning Course

Importance of Outline in An Elearning Course

Importance of Outline in An Elearning Course

Before developing an eLearning course, outline preparation is an important step to be considered. By doing so, you will be able to clearly communicate the objective of the course is to the learners. Before knowing why it plays a major role, let’s see what an outline is.

An outline is that part of the course which includes all the topics that are covered. The outline gives a clear idea to the learners of what the course covers. The outline might include the objectives and goals of the course. Learners instead of going through the whole course, just by following the outline will be able to get a clear picture of what topics have been covered in it. Now let’s see why it is important to prepare the course outline even before designing the eLearning course.

Helps to easily identify the topics:

The outline is structured into three sections: introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction gives us the learning objectives of the course. Body includes the main content of the course like processes, procedures and so on. Conclusion summarizes the course without incorporating any new concept in it. So, as the learners take a glance at the outline, they can easily identify the topics and decided whether the course is as per their requirement.

Helps to add relevant content:

Learners look for content that meets their requirements. If content is not relevant to their need, they may not pursue that course. So it is important that learners are given a clear idea about the course even at the beginning. This can be achieved by preparing the outline of the course. By having a brief look at the outline, learners will get to know the concepts included in it.

Helps to align the content in a logical order:

The main attraction for learners towards an eLearning course is the way content is presented. If the content is too lengthy, it is better to spilt it into logical chunks. This will surely improve the understanding of the learner. The content could be arranged from simple topics to the complex ones without missing the link between the topics. By doing this we can sort out the confusions in a learner’s mind while going through too much of content.

Hope you have now understood the importance of outline preparation before designing the Learning course.

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