Learning Goals of the Workforce Training

Learning Goals of the Workforce Training

Learning Goals of the Workforce Training

At the end of their training, organizations want their learners (employees) to be able to do something relevant and meaningful in their everyday work life that increases their productivity or the quality of their work – usually both.

The purpose of corporate training is quite simple. It is to:

  • Improve business performance to:
    • Increase revenue
    • Reduce costs

It is not to make ‘smarter’ employees or to check who “knows” most. Unfortunately, sometimes, a few organizations end up doing just that – looking at superficial changes that have little or no application in everyday performance.

For instance if they want to train their staff on budgeting, they would want them to not only learn all about the various principles involved but to also be able to come up with a workable budget for a specific purpose. They don’t want them to merely answer questions around budgeting, but to be able to apply all the theory and conceptual information to craft a solution (in this case, a budget) that will meet a real-life need.

So, what they need is a holistic training solution that meets a variety of business and performance needs. Hence, to start at the very beginning, organizations need to be sure of what they want their training initiatives to achieve. If they want learners to improve their performance, they need to put together a learning solution that includes instructional activities that mirrors their use in real life. It is important that learners can apply their learning to real-life needs.

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