Are you Ready for eLearning? – Do you have CONTENT?

Are you Ready for eLearning? – Do you have CONTENT?

Are you Ready for eLearning? - Do you have CONTENT?

For eLearning, we need content, experts (people) and infrastructure.

For many of us, content is the most difficult resource to get hold of in developing eLearning. Most of us despair at the lack of adequate content. We know that content is king and we also know that it costs a lot to develop content.

So, how do you tackle the content problem? All companies worth their salt is already sitting on a mountain of existing content at any given point of time. This could be in the following form:

  • ILT material in the form of PowerPoint decks, facilitator guides, participant handouts, even filled in charts.
  • On-the-job training handouts, employee handbook
  • Presentations given on various subjects by senior managers at various forums.
  • Product literature – in the form of brochures, specification documents, and pamphlets
  • Policy documents
  • Process and procedural documents

Any company who is doing some form of training is actually ready with content! Identify eLearning-friendly content and align it with your goal – important and urgent learning that needs to reach large geographically spread numbers quickly.

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  • Ann Magoufis

    Hi, I have a considerable amount of training material as I created many programmes for Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business, IT (Application Training) and Self Development.

    I am anxious to find a source to develop the above and make some income from them. They are in the form of presentations, handouts, Notes.

    Please reply if you are interested in what I have or let me know what exactly kind of business you do.

    Kind Regards

    Ann Magoufis