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E-learning Design: 6 Challenges of Content Comprehension [Video]

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E-learning Design: 6 Challenges of Content Comprehension [Video]

Content comprehension is one of the key components of good instructional design and we can safely say, an ideal solution to create performance oriented e-learning courses. It gives a proper structure, logical flow and continuity to the content which can be understood easily by the end users. This is mandatory if you want to deliver or design a course that will serve its main purpose which is to engage and make the users understand the content. As they say, your work is reflected in the outcome. So there is no point in putting the effort to design an entire course if it is incomprehensible.

Despite its strong necessity, comprehending the content is no cake-walk. There are a few challenges it encounters. Getting a clear idea about the challenges is the first step in procuring viable solutions to overcome them.

The short video here gives you an overview of the 6 commonly faced challenges while comprehending content.

  • Comprehending new and unknown subjects
  • Handling multiple sources or multiple formats of content
  • Dealing with boring content
  • Understanding difficult concepts
  • Managing time
  • Reading lengthy and heavy content

Access the video here!

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