3 Tips to Connect with your Online Learners

3 Tips to Connect with your Online Learners

3 Tips to Connect with your Online Learners

It is a tough task to connect with your online learners. In an eLearning course, the instructors don’t have an opportunity to communicate with the learners directly. So, it is very essential to design the course in such a way that it facilitates effective communication with the learners.

Here are 3 tips to ensure effective communication.

1. Proper Use of Visuals

It is very difficult to make learners feel the presence of an instructor in an online course. But, with effective use of visuals, this problem can be sorted out. We can use avatars and similar visuals to guide our learners throughout the elearning course and help them complete it successfully. With this strategy, the learner can actually feel the presence of an instructor.

Here is a screenshot from one of our courses on income tax accounting. We used an avatar Deferred Tax Dan who guided the learners throughout the course.

Proper Use of Visuals

2. Effective Use of Audio

Another important element that you need to focus on is audio. Audio plays a key role in conveying the message effectively. Though a learner can’t see the instructor, the tone of the narrator creates an environment where he can connect to the elearning course. By ensuring that the narration is in a conversational tone, we can make learners feel that the narrator is talking to them.

3. Provide Meaningful Feedback

We develop and deliver an eLearning course, and learners need to understand it. We may not have an opportunity to teach them directly, but we can make sure that our learners have gained the desired knowledge from the course by assessing their understanding of the subject-matter and providing them with meaningful feedback.

For example, we can provide feedback in an interesting way by making use of words such as Hurray!, Great going!, Well done!, Oops! Give it another try etc., followed by the actual feedback (whether they are right or wrong).

Provide Meaningful Feedback

These three tips go a long way in ensuring that the learners are connected effectively with the course and intended message is communicated in an efficient manner. What do you think?

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