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Conducting Audience Analysis for Effective eLearning Development

Written By Bushra Zaineb

Conducting Audience Analysis for Effective eLearning Development

One of the most fundamental prerequisites for designing effective learning courses is to know your target audience well. An audience analysis helps you do just that. Here are a few sample questions to help you know the target audience better.

  • Who is the course for?
  • What do they want or expect to get out of the course?
  • How will they use the information and skills they learn in their job?
  • What do they know about the topic?
  • Are they white collar or blue collar employees?
  • What is their comfort level with computers?
  • Is the training under consideration compulsory or voluntary?
  • What pre-requisites do they need?
  • In what settings will they use this training?
  • Are they native speakers of English or is English their second language?
  • Are they likely to get inspired by a game-based learning or would they prefer a more formal approach?

Having a clear mental picture of your learners will help in designing effective eLearning that can create a lasting impact on them.

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