3 Components of an Audio in E-learning

3 Components of an Audio in E-learning

While there are many components in an eLearning course such as images, video, animations and so on, audio is one of the important components that enhances the effectiveness of the eLearning course. Using audio in eLearning courses helps learners acquire information more effectively. Incorporating audio in the eLearning course also sets the stage for learners to relate themselves to the content more effectively. Now, let us see the elements of audio that make the learning experience more effective.

So, here are the audio elements:

1. Narration: This is the fundamental component of audio in an eLearning course. All instructional desingers should be aware of the the answer to the question – How much of narration should be used in an eLearning course? Narration could be used in the introduction of the course, on-screen instructions, introduction of every slide and summary. Avoid narrating long text and allow learners to read the text at their own pace. To explain animations and graphics, it is better to use narration instead of text.

2. Music: Music is another component of audio that can be used effectively in an eLearning course. It is often used while reading content or performing an activity. Beginning an eLearning course with “introductory music” is a great way to get learners involved in the course. Music, when used effectively, makes the learning environment pleasant and helps learners to connect emotionally with course. Playing music in the “background” also goes a long way in generating and sustaining learner interest.

3. Sounds: Sounds are again an important component of audio but are often forgotten. Sounds can be used effectively while demonstrating equipment in product training courses. For example, while explaining the working of a pump, sounds of water or piston can be used to make the course “real”. Sounds can also be used while providing feedback to learners.

The combination of these three components of audio can enhance learning and make the eLearning course effective.

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