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Compliance Training and Passing Score – Industry Best Practices

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Compliance Training and Passing Score - Industry Best Practices

I would like to pick your brains with a quick question on compliance assessment.

In your experience with assessing compliance topics, is it OK to let learners keep repeating a quiz until they achieve 100%?


Is there an industry best practice where you let them run through a few times, and if they are still not 100%, coach them further?

When it comes to developing online courses to deliver compliance training, we forget that our learners are adults and they love freedom.

We are only paranoid and interested in getting our records aligned for meeting legal and compliance requirements. Rightly so, compliance training is critical to meet all the government regulations.

Here is what one of our Fortune 500 clients follow for all compliance courses.

  • The course starts with a video of the compliance office stating the importance of taking this training and abiding by the law.
  • Making the courses more engaging and effective by using scenario-based learning.
  • All learning has restrictions, and the learner has to complete each slide in order to go forward.
  • The quiz gets activated ONLY when the learner completes all units.
  • If learners do not get 100%, they can review the sections where they went wrong, and then, take the quiz again.
  • The questions are randomized, and each time the learner takes the quiz, a new set of questions appear.
  • Course completion would be recorded when the learner scores 100%.

Compliance training is mandatory and should be repeated at regular intervals. These courses can be translated into multiple languages to reach all employees.

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