Would a Common Product Training Course Be Suitable for All Audiences?

Would a Common Product Training Course Be Suitable for All Audiences?

Product training is significant for any organization as products are their main revenue generators. It assumes more significance for B2B companies that deal with products of a complex nature, such as products in hi-tech, precision or manufacturing industries. Product training becomes all the more important for them, as they need to educate three different types of audiences about their products:

1. Sales and marketing personnel

2. Service personnel which includes customer service staff and technical people

3. End-users of the products or customers

Would a common product training course be suitable for all of them? Unlikely.

Sales and marketing people need to know how the product influences customers’ business or problems: Sales and marketing personnel would need product knowledge to showcase the product in an appealing manner to prospective customers – by telling them how the product will help them avoid potential problems. Educating them merely about what the product does and how it functions does not really help sales people in their job.

Product training for service managers, technicians or customer service agents needs to be more detailed and technical: The service personnel will be dealing with existing customers who have already purchased the product and need help in either troubleshooting or repairing it. Product training for them will have to focus on potential complaints that customers might bring to the notice of technicians and the best method to resolve the same. It would include information such as standard procedures and guidelines to be adopted in assembling and handling the machinery.

Customers require product training so that they know how best to use them for their requirements: They need to know the correct method of handling the equipment so that they get the maximum benefit from the product.

Each of the audiences above has different objectives and therefore standard product training will not meet their specific requirements. B2B organizations are realizing this requirement and are organizing customized product training, based on the target audience.

How do you offer product training in your organization? Does your organization tailor its product training programs to suit its audiences?