CommLab India – Using eLearning Solutions Extensively for its Employees for Better ROI

CommLab India – Using eLearning Solutions Extensively for its Employees for Better ROI

As you are aware CommLab India has been providing eLearning and Custom Courseware solutions to a wide variety of organizations worldwide?

We also practice what we preach, so to speak! We use eLearning very extensively for our employee training. We believe that eLearning is an effective tool that saves time and cost. Best tool to update employees on new technologies and policies.

Most of our technical, product and procedural training happen online. We have a New Employee Experience Course, which is used as induction training for new employees at CommLab India.

Know Your CommLab
Know Your CommLab

We use eLearning for all our technical product training. We train our employees on using Lectora and Flash by creating self-paced Elearning courses.

Our employees are given product/ software training on all the products of MS Office Suite through eLearning mode. Our Instructional designers learn how to create storyboards in Word and PowerPoint and Excel through this medium.

Employees are trained and tested using our Learning management System, which we have customized using open source SCORM/ AICC LMS, Moodle. We have a dedicated Training Manager who monitors and administers learning to all our employees.

We believe that eLearning is very effective even for small companies like ours and also for our clients who are Fortune and Global Fortune Companies that in different industry segments.

eLearning is a very effective tool to manage your scarce resources – people, time and cost. Use it extensively for all your training needs.

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