CommLab India Thanks its Employees for 16 Years of Company Loyalty

CommLab India Thanks its Employees for 16 Years of Company Loyalty

CommLab India Thanks its Employees for 16 Years of Company Loyalty

Last week we celebrated CommLab India’s annual loyalty day. As one of the leading global learning solutions provider, CommLab India is committed to empowering people and businesses worldwide with great learning. Founded in 2000, the company has grown rapidly over the last 10 years and now has 100+ delighted organizations in 30+ countries. RK Prasad and Ayesha Habeeb Omer, Co-Founders of CommLab India thanked a total of 130 employees for their loyalty to the company. Here is the speech in verbatim made by Mr. RK Prasad:

CommLab India Thanks its Employees for 16 Years of Company Loyalty

I am happy to once again welcome you all to CommLab India’s annual loyalty celebrations.


As every other year for the last 16 years, our company has grown both financially as well as in other non-financial aspects. We have added 20 new customers from across the globe, increased our revenue by a healthy 28% and invoiced value by 22%. We have established new and efficient systems & procedures as you can see on those posters over there. Our new agile project management process yielded us a customer satisfaction index of 87%. That is because of the wonderful work that our teams and leaders have done.


As you all know, CommLab not only rewards performance but also loyalty. We believe that a pinch of loyalty is worth a pound of competence. Competence, we can buy, but not loyalty.

There were times when people used to retire in the first company they joined at the beginning of their careers. There is a company in India where generations have worked in the same company – father, son and then the grandson and so on. That company is Tata Steel. I worked in a company where you were considered a new comer till you completed 10 years!

What is the scene today? Research points out that today a person changes jobs, on an average, once every 2-3 years. Whatever the reasons might be, it is not surprising that the new recruit as well as the experienced hop jobs every couple of years.


What is really surprising is in this world where job-hopping is the norm and even considered fashionable, there are people who stick to one company for years like in CommLab. When we started thinking about it, we thought why not ask them? So, we conducted a survey among 40 of our people who completed more than 5 years in CommLab, asking them why they chose to remain.

There are 10 main reasons but I will share the top 3 with you:

  1. Opportunities for learning & career growth
  2. Exciting and challenging work
  3. Being recognized, valued and respected


Loyalty cannot be planned. It cannot be produced in a factory. It has to be earned. For loyalty lies in the human heart – the center of self-respect and human dignity. It comes into existence only under certain conditions.

We at CommLab try very hard to create these conditions. How? By practicing the values of freedom, responsibility, respect, and trust. And in turn, we experience love, growth, abundance and a higher purpose in life.


CommLab is a mini-India. We have people from all parts of the country. We speak many languages and follow many religions. But we live happily and peacefully, with mutual respect, love and affection. We are one big family, one big team.

In this India, we enjoy complete AZAADI. In this India, we have enormous TOLERANCE for each other.


Today I salute the LOYALTY of our employees, but more importantly, I want to thank the FAMILIES – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and children for their support, understanding and appreciation.

Every time, I see people working late, every time someone joins a call from home, every time I watch people coming on a Saturday, I remember you, dear families. I understand and acknowledge your sacrifice, but what to do? We don’t have public money to throw away; we don’t have bank loans to default. We have to work extra hard. But I am sure you are all proud of us that MEHNATH KI ROTI KAMATHAY HAI HUM. But then, our sleep is peaceful and our days are bright.

This celebration is in your honor, for you. Thank you once again.

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