CommLab India’s Creative Ways to Take Advantage of USA Recession

CommLab India’s Creative Ways to Take Advantage of USA Recession

We at CommLab believe that whatever we focus, we achieve. If we focus on negatives of recession we tend to go down. If we focus on what is great about this situation, we tend to get empowering strategies to improve company’s performance.

As CommLab India is a 100% Export Unit and 90% of our business comes from US, it was a concern that US is getting hit by recession. The usual feelings and thoughts of a lot of Indian companies are to reduce costs by laying off people, cutting down perks, reducing travelling and slashing training budgets. We took a very drastically different approach – we decided on very different results:

  • Focus on getting business from Global fortune companies located in Australia, UK, Canada and Saudi Arabia. From the time we heard of the impending economic meltdown, we started focusing on markets outside US. In less than three months time, we have acquired clients in all these countries – Oil majors in Saudi, a very large Insurance Company in Australia, consumer goods giant in UK and Networking and IT Company in Canada.
  • Increase our products and services range to attract price-sensitive US clients. We decided to add a Corporate University with the price of a catalog company but features of custom courseware. It offers a huge cost advantage as the client has to pay only per user. We are also marketing our competence in producing huge number of courses using authoring tools like Captivate, Articulate and Lectora.
  • Focusing on achieving 3 times more turnover as compared to last year! We believe that in recession, all the US clients would like to reduce their cost but still need the essential product and sales training in order to beat the recession and competition. We have decided to campaign for very cost effective and quick turnaround product training solutions to these companies.
  • Focusing on streamlining processes to generate greater ROI per employee. Even though we are not an ISO certified company, all our processes are documented. All employees at CommLab go through an Elearning course on the processes and need to pass the course in order to be eligible to work at CommLab. These processes help us in meeting quality and deadlines. This eliminates lot of wastage of manpower and other resources.
  • Gave 6 monthly hikes to boost employee morale and enthusiasm to achieve greater performance. We believe that in order to get something we need to first give it. To meet the target of increasing the turnover by 4 times this year, we decided to give increments and salary hikes to all our employees so that we in turn achieve our targets.

Because we Dream, We Do!

Ayesha Habeeb Omer, Ph.D
Chief Operating Officer