Choosing Images for Your eLearning Courses

Choosing Images for Your eLearning Courses

As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This quotation applies very well in the context of eLearning also.

It is essential for any instructional designer to make sure that the learner takes away some knowledge from the course. Using images is one such way that helps you to do so and helps a learner understand the concept in a better way.

Here is an Infographic on Tips for Using Images in eLearning:

Tips for Using Images in eLearning

You must have come across the courses where you had to present a lot of content onscreen. These kinds of courses may turn down the learner’s interest. In such cases, one can make use of images that are self-explanatory – images that represent content in a simpler way. Here are three different types of images which we have used in our recently developed elearning courses.

Silhouettes for factual information:


Silhouettes are the outline of images usually filled in color black. These images are used when we want a learner to concentrate more on the content than the image.

We developed a course based on child birth for a health care company; as the course discussed he child birth process, we felt representing them with real images may distract learners’ attention. So our team came up with an idea of using silhouettes, as they would represent things in a better way. These kinds of images helps a learner concentrate on the concept.

Silhouettes for factual information

Real images for professional content:

Real images not only give a professional look to the course, but they also help a learner to get involved in them. A learner can relate himself with the course.

One of our clients from a health care company was in need of an eLearning course to teach their staff about patient issues. They wanted us to use only real images as they felt that animated images may distract the learner’s attention. Keeping their requirements in mind, the course was developed using real images, which gave a professional look to the course.

Real images for professional content

Humanoids to eliminate cultural bias:

Humanoids, or zoo-zoos as they are most commonly known, are characters that do not depict any kind of gender, race or culture. Zoo-zoos are something which everyone likes. Using the images of zoo-zoos in the course makes the course look attractive and engaging.

One of our clients from a manufacturing company wanted a course on manufacturing their products. They wanted this course to be engaging; we made it possible by using humanoids. Humanoids not only added a good look to the course, but they also made the course engaging and interesting to the learner.

Humanoids to eliminate cultural bias

Images not only enrich the look and feel of the online learning course; they also help the learners retain some information. What do you think? Please do share if you would like to add to the list.

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