Best E-Learning Provider – How to Choose the Right One

Best E-Learning Provider – How to Choose the Right One

Once you have decided to hire an external service provider for your eLearning needs, the next step would be to identify the organization that would best meet your training specifications. It can be a daunting task, considering the innumerable options that have proliferated in recent times. So, how would you choose the right eLearning provider for your needs? Here are some tips to choose the best eLearning partner for your organization.

Draft a good Request for Proposal (RFP) that outlines your requirement clearly

An RFP is a good way to seek a potential eLearning service provider. An RFP is detailed document that enables you to document your specifications, so that your requirements are clear to prospective vendors. This also enables you to get responses from vendors, who are able to cater to your requirements. Check out this blog that gives tips on “How to write a good RFP for eLearning course” for more information.

Choose an organization that has good experience in handling your domain

You do not want your eLearning providers to learn at your cost. Ensure that the company has serviced clients, who have similar background as yours. Ensure they have had several years of experience in developing eLearning courses and have a versatile profile.

Ensure that seasoned professionals handle your project

To ensure that your learning needs are adequately met by eLearning providers, it is important that their senior leadership has good grounding in learning and development requirements. Technology is only a tool for meeting the learning goals and a technical team with expertise in authoring tools may not be able to fulfill your requirements well. Make sure that your eLearning provider understands corporate training demands and requirements.

Seek information about their existing clients

It may be a good idea to identify who the organization has been servicing till date. A profile of their existing clients might give you an idea if the organization would cater to your requirements. You will get to know if they have handled requirements of organizations similar to that of yours, catered to companies in your region and so on. You may also seek referrals from existing clients and understand how long they have been associated with the company.

Check their corporate website for case studies and other valuable information

Sometimes, an organization’s website can provide valuable insights as to the type of solutions they have provided to clients, the sort of projects they have undertaken and their expertise in handling eLearning projects. You can also see how active the organization is in terms of engaging with the larger community, sharing its expertise and resources. This will give you insights into the capability of the organization in handling your needs.

Ask for demos, samples or prototypes

Seeing believes, therefore ask for companies to provide samples of their previous work or develop a prototype based on your specifications. This will enable you to judge their capabilities in terms of handling projects, assess their quality and see if they match your requirements. Willingness of organizations to share their previous work demonstrates their sincerity and commitment towards your business.

An eLearning developer has a potential to be your long term partner in progress. It helps to choose one carefully, so that it evolves into a mutually beneficial partnership. If you have faced any challenges in the course of your interactions with eLearning developers, please do share your experiences with us here.

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