Improving the Quality of Your E-learning Courses: 3 Basic Things to Check

Improving the Quality of Your E-learning Courses: 3 Basic Things to Check

Improving the Quality of Your E-learning Courses: 3 Basic Things to Check

Imagine yourself relaxing with a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day and a book by your favourite author. You enjoy perfect bliss, reveling in the atmosphere. Suddenly, you spot a spelling error – how will you react? Maybe you won’t get all agitated, but the spell is broken. You become wary and focus on the spellings carefully for a while before you lose yourself in the story again.

But, what if the typos are recurrent? What if suddenly you come across a page where a line of text is printed in a zig-zag manner and overlaps with the text below it? Such things will make you wonder at the sloppy work done by the author and his editors. You tend to lose your patience and may end up discarding the book altogether.

The same truth holds good even for our eLearning courses. The course may be very effective in conveying information to learners and improving their performance, but if simple, basic issues such as spellings and text alignment are overlooked, it will lead to undesirable consequences.

Such issues irk learners, distracting them from the learning and hence reduce the overall effectiveness of the course. Learners may even tend to give up, exit the course and leave. Even if such drastic things do not happen, they will have a negative impression of the person(s) who developed the course.

These issues can be avoided by a little effort on our part. They may require a little extra time, but the benefits far outweigh the time and effort expended.

Let us now see a few guidelines which will help us steer clear of such issues and deliver error-free, smooth learning experience to our learners.

  1. Check spellings and typos
  2. Check alignments of text/titles
  3. Check images’ placement

1. Check spellings and typos

Read through the entire course carefully to identify and correct any spelling mistakes/errors. This might cost you a little extra time, but it will save you the embarrassment of receiving negative feedback from your clients. It also stops you from delivering slipshod work.

Check spellings and typos

2. Check alignments of text/titles

Go through the entire course to ensure that all the text and titles are aligned properly. Ensure that they do not overlap and obscure each other. Also, ensure that the colors used for backgrounds and the text contrast properly and provide maximum readability.

Check alignments of text/titles

3. Check images’ placement

Check all the images in the course to ensure that they are properly visible and labelled appropriately. Also, ensure that they do not overlap any text, thereby obscuring it. Check the colors to ensure that they are appropriate, soothing, and not glaring. Following a consistent color theme/color palette is a good idea.

Check images’ placement

As mentioned earlier, check your eLearning course for these basic issues. They will enable you to deliver high-quality, effective products.

Have a list of such basic issues to make eLearning courses error-free? Do share with us.

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