5 Things to Check Before Launching your E-learning Course

5 Things to Check Before Launching your E-learning Course

5 Things to Check Before Launching your E-learning Course

I am sure you all agree that launching an e-learning course can be stressful, and I can understand how it feels when you submit your eLearning product to your client with small mistakes such as spelling, grammatical and functional errors. All these mistakes happen just because of short timelines, and the end result is you get feedback from the client about those spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

In this blog, we will look at 5 questions that you need to ask before submitting an e-learning course for client review.

1. Are the objectives clear?

The very first thing any eLearning designer would do is set clear objectives. A learning objective can be defined as a statement or a combination of statements that describes what the learners are expected to learn from the course. So, before submitting, check whether you have set them clearly.

2. Are the spellings and grammar checked thoroughly?

As eLearning professionals we always think about creating highly interactive courses. Due to time constraints we always forget to do the final quality check and ultimately we get feedback with simple spelling mistakes which diminish our credibility. We should ensure that the spellings of the words in the on-screen text, audio script and images are correct. We also need to make sure that the words make sense grammatically.

3. Is the navigation easy?

Always remember to give a reference point for your learner to know “where they are”. Incorporating a sense of direction through page numbers or a module progress button goes a long way in ensuring that your learners have a path to follow. Clear orientation features such as “where is the learner now” indicate the learner’s current location within the course content. At any given time, learners should know where they are and be able to navigate to any location. Clear navigation help to present the necessary information to your learners very effectively.

4. Are the important points highlighted?

Adult learners learn effectively and retain the information only through repetition. According to researchers, you need to present a concept at least 3 times to facilitate efficient retention. First, you need to teach the concept. Then, in assessments, you need to ask questions about the concept. Finally, you need to touch upon the concept when you summarize. This will help your learner to retain the information learned from the module.

5. Is the feedback explanatory?

It is advisable to develop a habit of providing explanatory feedback to learners, so that they can assess their comprehension of the subject-matter and learn from their mistakes. By this the learner will get everything what they need from the eLearning module.
Hope you find this blog useful. Would you like to add to this list? Please do so.

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