A Checklist for Pre, During, and Post eLearning Design

A Checklist for Pre, During, and Post eLearning Design

A Checklist for Pre, During, and Post eLearning Design

Checklists play a crucial role in our everyday lives. We have checklists for groceries, laundry and even at work. We make checklists to make sure that we don’t miss out anything. As instructional designers, we do have the occasional checklist we refer to while we review the final course. However, at times, it may be too late to have a checklist at this stage.

It is important to have a checklist before, during and after the course design, to help you strike off every small aspect that needs to be reviewed. Let’s now look at the items that need to be included in the checklist for the pre-design stage.

Before you even begin with the idea of what your course will be like, check out if these pointers are answered in the pre-design stage:

  1. What is the organization’s learning needs?
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. What is the budget and timeline for the course?
  4. Which authoring tool will you be working on?
  5. What is the final learning outcome or objective?
  6. Will your course use different instructional models to impart knowledge?
  7. How many multimedia elements will the course have?

After you have answered the above questions, you need to move into the Design stage. A checklist at this level helps develop the storyboard of the course efficiently and ensures a smooth transition to the next level. Let’s take a look at the pointers at this stage.

  1. Does the content match the learning objectives?
  2. Does the content have grammar or spelling errors?
  3. Are the titles appropriately capitalized and punctuated correctly?
  4. Is the content consistent, without any gaps?
  5. Are references and sources given credit?
  6. Are all the fonts same?
  7. Are the instructions clear?
  8. Are the colors appropriate?
  9. Are relevant images being used?
  10. Is the narration clear?
  11. Is the audio synchronized correctly?
  12. Are the images downloaded legally?

Last but not the least comes the post-design stage. Here, you review the final course before it is uploaded on the LMS. The pointers to watch at this stage are as follows.

  1. Is the navigation free flowing and clear to understand?
  2. Is there a menu to guide the learners?
  3. Is the course SCORM or AICC compliant?
  4. Are all the clickable options working?
  5. Is the course viewable in different browsers?
  6. Are all the links clickable, and do they open the right pages?
  7. Are all the elements readable?
  8. Are the additional PDF resources opening?

Once you have crossed off all these points in your checklist, you will have an error-free eLearning course! What are the items included in your checklist? We’d love to know.

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