A Checklist to Follow Before Signing off Your E-learning Course

A Checklist to Follow Before Signing off Your E-learning Course

Are you planning to develop your eLearning courses in-house with your expertise? Then you need to be very careful when designing the courses! Why? Your internal eLearning developers may be good at design and development, but because of the work overload or lack of resources they may commit some mistakes.

For example, while developing the courses, if there are any typos or grammatical errors, it may put off the learners and the overall professionalism of the work will collapse, and if they are not rectified the learners may have some difficulty in completing the courses.

So, it is important to have a checklist to review your eLearning courses before going live. Here is the checklist to follow before sign off for errors free eLearning courses.

Content level:


  • Make sure that all the content is there or has anything been missed out.
  • Read the content for right flow.
  • Find if there is any copyright content
  • Check if there are any typos or grammatical errors
  • Check whether resources like videos and images are viewed correctly or not
  • Check for the correct question and its respective answer in assessments
  • Check for content consistency

Functionality level:


  • Check if the interactivities are working properly or not
  • Make sure the navigations are at the level novice learners.
  • Go through the assessments and final quizzes to check for accurate results

Audio level:


  • Follow the correct accent
  • Check to see if the audio is correctly synchronized with the visualization
  • Find and rectify any pronunciation errors

Compatibility level:

Make sure that your course is compatible with said formats

  • Operating system compatibility
  • Check for the browser compatibility
  • Once host the courses in LMS
  • Run the courses in multiple devices if there any requirement for multiple device compatibility

We have seen how to make a checklist in order to list essential points while signing off your eLearning course. This checklist needs to be followed when you are developing your course in-house. However, in case you need to outsource your eLearning development to external eLearning vendor, do ensure that the vendor is following this checklist so that you can be free from further hassles.

I hope this blog was useful to you. Please do share with us any comments that you may have.

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