Checklists for Developing an E-learning Course

Checklists for Developing an E-learning Course

Checklists for Developing an E-learning Course

Check, check, check – the mantra for developing a high quality online course. By thoroughly going through the output before submitting it to the stakeholder, you can ensure that the digital course is free from errors and meets all requirements. You need to check these aspects to deliver a high quality online course.

1. GUI Template

  • Check whether the slide number of welcome slide is zero.
  • Check the unit title andscreen title.
  • Check whether the screen title in the template matches with course outline.
  • Check whether the elements of course description are provided.
  • Check the course menu and screen index numbers.
  • Check whether the help page includes all features of the interface.

2. Content:

  • Check whether the learning objectives are defining the content perfectly.
  • Check whether relevant images, tables and charts are provided.
  • Check whether the animations are described properly (Notes To Developer or NTD) in the notes pane. For example,
    • Bring each bullet in synch with audio
    • Bring image and bullets
    • Bring the chart with 2nd bullet
  • Check whether proper instructions are given for all interactivities (like Click on tabs, Click on terms, Click on hot spots, etc.).
  • Check whether proper information is provided regarding restrictions – where they must be added and where they must not.
  • Check for the double or extra spaces and remove them.
  • Check the punctuation and spellings.
  • Check the consistency of font size and style.
  • Check whether the flow of content matches with client inputs.

3. Audio Script

  • Check whether the complete content in storyboard is appropriate.
  • Check the pronunciation notes, links and voice notes.
  • Check whether the instructions for the narrator regarding pronunciation are clear. For example,
  • TPS: Should be read separately as T-P-S
  • 1948: Should be read as “ Nineteen forty eight”

These are the major aspects you need to check. Have anything more to say? Please do share!

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