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7 Characteristics Of A Well-Designed Gamified E-Learning [Infographic]

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7 Characteristics Of A Well-Designed Gamified E-Learning [Infographic]

Gone are the days when games were just for entertainment. With the advent of using gamification in online courses, games are now a medium through which the experience of e-learning can be enriched. Gamification provides a game like environment which helps the users of e-learning courses learn in a fun way.

A 2015 survey of more than 500 corporate workers found that 78 percent of them were using some sort of game-based motivation at work. In the survey, 95 percent of gamified workers said they enjoyed using the technology.

It is mandatory to create well designed gamified online courses in order to achieve the desired results. A good gamified course should be a blend of fun and learning and should comprise of characteristics like engaging storyline, well presented challenges and more.

7 Characteristics Of A Well-Designed Gamified E-Learning [Infographic]

Check out the Infographic below which shows 7 characteristics of a well-designed gamified e-learning course.

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